Eco Guide du Materiel de montagne

FST HandwearImage
Creation :
Founder :
Benjamin Cuier & Philippe Larguèze
Activities :
Production de gants
Group membership :
Production volumes :
2500 paires de gants
Turnover :
10-49 K€
Number of employees :

social L1 - Workplace wellbeingL2 - Education & informationL3 - Supply chainL4 - Corporate Social ResponsibilityL5 - Supporting local communitiesL6 - Transparency & traceability
  • Education & Information: Information on raw materials are available on the website, social networks and on catalogue.  
  • Supply chain: 100% of subcontractors are located in the Rhône Alpes region in France.

    The GOTS label included in its specifications the strict social criteria based on the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the prohibition of forced labor, child labor, rights of employees, payment of a decent wage, etc. ... 

    100% of subcontractors making gloves (representing 50% of the product value) incorporate the label.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: FST has chosen to work with subcontractors employing disabled workforce, and to employ staff from economically and socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
  • Support for local communities: 100% of subcontractors are located in the Rhône Alpes region in France. The brand has a certification « Origine France Garantie ».

environmentL7 - Environmental site managementL8 - Education & informationL9 - Supply ChainL10 - CertificationsL11 - GHG emissionsL12 - Environmental commitments
  • Environmental site management: Car sharing between employees. Sorting of wastes in offices: paper, glass, other wastes. 90% of meeting are realized by email or by visioconference. Creators of the brand are responsible for sustainable development. 
  • Education & information: Origin and properties of bamboo fibres are explained on a hangtag. 
  • Supply chain: The subcontractor of gloves has implemented an EMS via ISO 14001 (Certification AFAQ/AFNOR) with monitoring of environmental impacts and corrective actions when needed: sorting of wastes, training of employees, following of regulations…

    In the framework of ISO14001, tannery implemented a treatment plant for sewerage, recovery system of rainwater and solar pannels.

    The EU REACH directive is applied by 100% of suppliers.

eco-conception L13 - DurabilityL14 - Global Eco design processL15 - Eco Design ActionsL16 - End of life & recyclingL17 - Non toxicL18 - Packaging & logistics
  • Durability: It’s possible to repair products for free.

    Continuous improvement and control of products to design products with a long lifespan. 

  • Global eco design process: 100% of products are eco designed.
  • Non toxicity: Fabrics and ribbons are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and the printer for fabric is certified Imprim’Vert (printing with water based ink without solvents) 
  • Packaging & logistics:  Suppression of blisters in plastic.

    Gloves are delivered in a reusable bag: not woven on reverse / polyurethane transparent film in the front.

    The label is 100% in paper certified PEFC.