Eco Guide du Materiel de montagne

Creation :
Founder :
Gabriel, Victor et Alfred Lafuma
Activities :
Production de vêtements, sacs, chaussures et mobilier outdoor
Group membership :
groupe Lafuma
Production volumes :
Environ 1500 références
Turnover :
50-99 M€
Number of employees :

social L1 - Workplace wellbeingL2 - Education & informationL3 - Supply chainL4 - Corporate Social ResponsibilityL5 - Supporting local communitiesL6 - Transparency & traceability


  • Workplace wellbeing: The company provides an organic canteen, free shuttle buses between the local train station and the workplace, supports at 50% transportation, and is working on the ergonomics of workstations. Ergonomic studies and analyzes carried out by groups of employees to   improve working conditions. Training to best gestures and postures on the site of Anneyron. Establishment of a methodology to analyze the difficulty of the   different work equipments (in consultation: SHSCT, doctor, HR ...) to   diagnose equipment affected and actions. Set up an agreement of 32 hours for production staff according to   criteria of age and seniority. Lafuma offers the possibility to disadvantaged young people to make   an internship of « discovery » and pre-employment.
  • Education and Information:  Sustainable development report:
  • Supply chain: The lafuma Group has a social charter since 1998, which is applied by all of the groups factories and subcontractors. 

    100% of suppliers and subcontractors respect social code of conduct of Lafuma based on ILO conventions. 40 audits have been realized in 2011 by external auditors (SA8000 certification)

    Suppliers are ranked according specifications: the brand can decide to stop with suppliers who don’t respect theses specifications. 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Lafuma’s Foundation created in 2008. The group financially supports organisations promoting social integration through sport: Sport dans la ville, En passant par la montagne and Apprentis d’Auteuil. 
  • Support for local communities: More than 55% of the turnover is made with products made in Europe (Rhône Alpes and Hungary). Some textile suppliers are located in Rhône Alpes. One factory for plastics is located in Anneyron.


environmentL7 - Environmental site managementL8 - Education & informationL9 - Supply ChainL10 - CertificationsL11 - GHG emissionsL12 - Environmental commitments
  • Environmental site management: The brand engages in videoconferencing, rubbish sorting, staff training and information with the WWF. 1500m2 of solar panels have been installed which cover 75% of needs for office lighting and for the factory in Anneyron. 

    Videconferencing, Use of recycled paper for printings, and official documents

    Member of Global Compact.

    Sustainable development is managed by the director of innovation and communication manager. 

  • Education & information: Lafuma has developped an environmental labelling system for the Pure Leaf product line. Awareness raising through events such as the cleaning of the mer de glace in Chamonix. 
  • Supply chain: 100% of its suppliers have signed the Lafuma Group’s environmental code of conduct, the application of the REACH is checked. Consumptions (raw materials, energy, water) and emissions (waste, gases, etc.) are monitored.
  • GHG emissions: A carbon footprint study was arried out in 2009 for the whole of the Lafuma group. Objectives have been implemented on choice of environmental friendly raw materials and strenghtening of eco design.
  • Environmental commitments: Partnership with the WWF with concrete goals, larger application of eco-design, reduction of GHG emissions and customer information. Partnerhsips have been developed too with Mountain Riders and Surfrider foundation, Ecole Supérieure Nationale d’Alpinisme.

    A technical consultant of Lafuma went to Madagascar to study ecosystems. 

eco-conception L13 - DurabilityL14 - Global Eco design processL15 - Eco Design ActionsL16 - End of life & recyclingL17 - Non toxicL18 - Packaging & logistics
  • Durability: Selection of raw materials according to specifications and tests in laboratories on the strength of the finished products and textiles.

    The criterion of sustainability is integrated in the design and it is possible to change some pieces of furniture through a repair service.

    Camping furniture scalable and it’s possible to change parts like the canvas after 30 years of use.

    Products guaranteed 2-5 years. 

  • Global eco design process: Each range of product was subject to a life cycle analysis. For winter season 2011/2012, the ecodesign range PureLeaf represented 30% of textile products (67% of turnover) and 62% of backpacks ( 74% of turnover). Lafuma is working on the design of product with single material.  In 2011, the group was awarded by “Ecole des Dirigeants et créateurs d’entreprise” for its commitment towards sustainable development since 15 years.

  • Eco design actions: For 2013, creation of a recyclable backpack Ecolife 35 : 100% polyester with a reduction of consumption of materials and optimization of functionality. 30% of recycled materials in Lafuma’s product: organic cotton and recycled polyester.
  • Enf of life & Recycling: Member of OSV.
  • Non toxicity: 95% of the production is Bluesign approved or certified OekoTex .
  • Packaging & logistics: The brands policy is to use maritime and road-rail piggy-back as much as possible.

    80% of products from Asia are transported by shipment.