Eco Guide du Materiel de montagne

Creation :
Founder :
Mr & Mme Millet
Activities :
Production de vêtements et accessoires outdoor
Group membership :
groupe Lafuma
Production volumes :
Turnover :
10-100 M€
Number of employees :
1000-10 000 (groupe Lafuma)

social L1 - Workplace wellbeingL2 - Education & informationL3 - Supply chainL4 - Corporate Social ResponsibilityL5 - Supporting local communitiesL6 - Transparency & traceability
  • Supply chain: 100% of suppliers and subcontractors respect social code of conduct of Lafuma based on ILO conventions. 40 audits have been realized in 2011 by external auditors (SA8000 certification). Suppliers are ranked according specifications: the brand can decide to stop with suppliers who don’t respect theses specifications. 

  • Support for local communities: 100% of Millet’s ropes are made in France and represent 10% of the total production. 

environmentL7 - Environmental site managementL8 - Education & informationL9 - Supply ChainL10 - CertificationsL11 - GHG emissionsL12 - Environmental commitments
  • Environmental site management: Generalisation of videoconferencing and optimization of business trips to reduce global professional trips. Sorting of wastes (paper, cardboard, batteries). Publications are in recycled paper and with natural ink with printers who are certified “Imprim’Vert”.
  • Education & information: The Millet expédition Project, supports different expeditions with grants, the expedition conforms to an environmental charter. 
  • GHG emissions: A carbon footprint study was carried out in 2009 for Lafuma’s group. Objectives have been implemented on choice of environmental friendly raw materials and strenghtening of eco design.
  • Environmental commitments: Millet supports  “Clean Mountain Expeditions”: cleaning of camps and 14peaks over 8000 meters, cleaning of “Ice Sea”  by all employees, support of Mountain Riders.

eco-conception L13 - DurabilityL14 - Global Eco design processL15 - Eco Design ActionsL16 - End of life & recyclingL17 - Non toxicL18 - Packaging & logistics
  • Durability: Backpacks and appareal have a two year guarantee . There is a repair service available.
  • Global eco design process: Millet has conducted a LCA of raw materials and of a rucksack for designers to be able to take into account the environmental impacts right from the design phase. 
  • Eco design actions: The brand uses eco friendly fibres: 30% of the underwear product line contains PE cocona. The T-shirts in this product line contain 48% PE Cocona. The ‘low impact’ rucksack contains 75% of recycled raw materials. A low impact and eco design rope was created with less packaging, less chemicals and less energy for production. The lifespan is normally 25% more than classical ropes. 

  • End of life and recycling: Recycling program for ropes in exchange for a voucher : Recycle/Save Money : 1 million of meters collected since 5 years. They are reused in hangers or loopsbackpacks. In 2011, 80 shops in Switzerland, Spain, Italia, Belgium and France attented during 3 months to this project. Since 2006, 52 tons of polyamide have been recycled and 114 tons of CO2 saved. 

  • Packaging & logistics: A logistics audit is under way. The brands policy is to use maritime and road-rail piggy-back as much as possible.