Eco Guide to mountain resorts


74 - Haute Savoie

Getting there on public transport

Train stationCluses - Thonon
Bus lineBUS
Length of Journey45 min
Cost of adult single ticket11 €

General information

Number of beds21000
Permanent residents :3000
Snow gun coverage60% des pistes
Altitude1000m - 2466m
Tourist information office phone n°04 50 74 72 72

Eco guide to mountain resorts 2014-2015
 1 - Easy access 2 - Bus + ski pass package 3 - Sustainable mobility 4 - Exemplary approach 5 - Snow clearing 6 - Fret

l  Information on public transport, leaflets available at the tourist office

l  Sheltered lobby and waiting room in the resort, coach station open during the day

l  European program for green mobility: Alpine Pearls

l  Mobility Service Centre

l  2 electric buses, sleighs and horse-drawn carriages available

l  In house carpooling for the local council and lift service employees with shuttles and the Balad'aulps bus

l  Pedestrian path alongside the river in the Dérèches parc

l  Free shuttle buses and small train in the resort (8 lines in the winter, 3 in the summer)

l  Intercounty Balad’Aulps shuttles in the valley for 1 €

 7 - Public buildings 8 - Private buildings 9 - Light pollution 10 - Ski lift compagny 11 - Renewable energy 12 - Green energy supplier
  • Mountain lit on Saturday and Thursday evenings (Pleney slalom stadium)
 13 - Town planning 14 - Accommodation 15 - Landscape 16 - Agriculture 17 - Ski area management 18 - Protected areas
  • Morzine started their Carbon footprint in 2008, in a partnership with the ADEME, the ANMSM and Mountain Riders
  • €200 local council grants for individual solar water heaters and photovoltaic panels
  • Local Urban Panning (PLU) approved in 2008 and the Urban Master Plans (SCOT) of Chablais is currently being drafted
  • 89% of the county's territory is made up of farming and natural areas
  • Natura 2000 site of the Haut Giffre, Natural Zone of Animal and Plant Ecological Interest (ZNIEFF)
  • Information regarding discovery pathways available at the tourist office
 19 - Sewage treatment 20 - Biogas recuperation 21 - Management of the water resource 22 - Potable water 23 - Wetland 24 - Eco consumption of water

l  The Essert Romand sewage treatment plant has a capacity of 76 000 PE, sewage discharge limits are respected

l  Biosolid digester allowing the annual recovery of 2200 m3 of methane used for local household heaters

l  River contract (for the sustainable management of waterways) in progress

l  1 impounding reservoir of 72 000 m3

l  The drinking water supply network’s efficiency is at 78%

l  Dual flush systems and movement detectors in 70% of pubic buildings

l  Awareness raising messages on water savings on bills


l  14 recycling collection points are provided, with sorting of of glass, paper, metal and plastic

l  10 rubbish bins on ski area

l  Couard waste disposal site in the resort

l  In 2007 the waste disposal site collected 490 tonnes of glass, 263 tonnes of paper/cardboard and 2500 tonnes of household waste

l  Information on recycling collection: guide, stickers and recycling bags available at the town hall and SIVOM

l  Recycling collection in town hall's offices and workshops

l  Pocket ashtrays available free of charge at the tourist information office and at the lift tills

 31 - Access for those with disabilities 32 - Families 33 - Seasonaires 34- Handicap 35 - Environmental information 36 - Schools

l  The village of Morzine has signed the ANMSM Charter for sustainable development in ski resorts, a local representative has been appointed: Mrs Evelyne McQuiston

l  The resort was awarded the ‘Famille plus’ kite mark and offers specific infrastructures and discounts for families

l  Welcome centre for seasonal workers, route du palais des sports (tel: 06 70 31 26 56) open during ski season, Le savoie residence 2624 route des grandes alpes (tél: 04 50 74 44 82 / 06 20 85 76 89) open all year and ANPE route du palais des sports (tél: 04 50 79 21 99) open from October to March

l  36 accommodations for seasonal workers at the hotel Le Savoie

l  l'Alpage cheese cooperative store in the resort

l  Farmers market on Wednesdays, place de la poste

l  3 farms on the village territory: dairy products

l  Access to the ski area for those with disabilities




 37 - 38 - Climate 39 - Agriculture 40 - Events 41 - Private accomodation 42 - Governance
  • ISO 14 001 certification of lift services under way