MOUNTAIN DAYS - Campagnes de ramassages de déchets en montagne par Mountain Riders

Mountains Spring Cleaning 2012 Mountains Spring Cleaning 2012 Mountains Spring Cleaning 2012

Mountains Spring Cleaning!

The time of the big spring cleaning has come ! This year, the European mountain clean up collective is mobilized again for a pure Mountain. A large involvement from everybody –kids and adults, locals, skiers and tourists – is necessary, let act together to protect our playgrounds. Join us from May to September!

Choose your resort

From ski resorts to climb places, this year everybody is mobilized for a clean Mountain! So why don't you meet up with the locals at your local ski-resort or your favorite outdoor playground and help out to share a friendly moment and a joyful time!

List your event

Clubs, city halls, tourism offices, Ski lifts services, NPO's, friend teams, or just free radicals… Join the European mountain clean up collective by listing your own event! At the end of your subscription, an "organizer kit" will be suggested in order to accompany your Clean-up organization and communication. More information, call: +33 (0) 420 302 898.

A Mountain Clean-up ? Why?

Each litter has a different life cycle in the nature and pollutes grounds and water, which are such precious mountain's resources!
Glass bottle: 4000 years
Plastic bottle: 100 to 1000 years
Aluminum can: 100 to 500 years
Packaging paper: 100 to 450 years
Skipass paper: 100 to 450 years
Cigarette butt: 2 to 15 years
Bubble gum: 2 to 5 years
Fruit peel: 6 months

When litters… Are actors !

Mange ton mégot
changeons nos habitudes
Ramassage de déchets

Time to act!

Mountain riders and all its volunteers have come together so that everybody can become aware of the impact rubbish has in the mountains, and people's behavior concerning their rubbish can be changed. For this to happen, each one of us can take certain small steps:

  • If you brought it up the mountain, take it back down the mountain with you.
  • Dispose of rubbish properly in the closest recycling bins

We need to go even further than this, by reducing rubbish at its source:

  • Buying products with reusable packaging or with packaging made of recyclable material
  • Buying products with little or no packaging

Our partners

Fondation d'entreprises Lafuma

La Fondation d'Entreprises Lafuma

Quicksilver Foundation

Quiksilver Foundation

Région PACA
Région Rhône Alpes
Rip Curl Planet
Hautes Alpes
Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la nature et l'homme


Mathieu Crepel

Mathieu CREPEL

As last years, the famous French freestyle snowboarder Mathieu Crépel supports Mountain Riders, so that our mountains can keep their natural look.
Liv Sansoz


"We have the opportunity to get out and about in an environment that is exceptional in many ways. It is not only beautiful, but diverse, representing many different resources. This is a privilege, not something we deserve, and even less something that is due us, it is now up to us to take responsibility for our mountains. Mountain Riders helps raise awareness about this and also brings concrete solutions."
Polo Delerue


Polo is environmentally aware snowboarder. For him, awareness raising starts with action, so let's get out there and get started.